Maggie RIP

The media and certain circles in the UK seem to be in quite a frenzy on the occasion of the passing of Margret Thatcher. So I thought I would take the opportunity to post my thoughts and feelings. I grew up in Thatchers Britain, I went to one of Thatchers Incomprehensive Schools, I remember drinking school milk, As i recall, at that time it came in small glass bottles, probably either a half or quarter pint, an imperial pint that is. And with foil lids which you pierced with your straw in a very satisfying manner. I was always the first to finish my milk, it became a matter of pride, a race against everyone else. So much in fact that whoever’s turn it was to give out the milk, would make sure I was the last to receive my milk, yet in my mind, I would still be the first to finish. Maybe I wasn’t old enough to cry ‘Thatcher, Thatcher milk snatcher’ when her reforms took milk away from schools. Maybe it was because we moved from Labour (Democratic) controlled Luton, to Conservative (Republican) Sussex, but no one marked the passing of the milk with anti-government chants, at least as far as I recall. I am sure my classmates did not miss my demonstrations of milk drinking prowess, and we all moved on without being scarred for life


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