NorthPond Hermit


This is a great story, Christopher Knight spent 27 years in the Maine Woods as a Hermit, in that time he used no hunting or fishing skills, instead, in a state with huge amounts of game, and some of the coldest winters in the US, he chose to steal from camps in the are, apparently his favourite target was Pine Tree Camp in Rome.

I’m not going to repeat the stories, but rather to add some personal recollections. I worked at Pine Tree Camp in the summers of 1991 and 1992, together with the girl who became my wife shortly after the 1992 summer.

When I worked there, I had heard the camp stories about the NorthPond Hermit, for many years ‘someone’ in the area has run a Facebook page for the ‘NorthPond Hermit’, and they would post stuff when they knew he had been active, of course you know he has been active when he burgled your camp. Unless you were unfortunate enough to be a victim of his, it was treated as a bit of a lighthearted joke, everyone thought he might be a Vietnam Vet, but there were many other active burglars who hit  summer camps in the winter time, so it was often difficult to know what was his doing, and what was others doing.

In 1991 Pine tree Camp, along with other private camps in the area, were getting hit pretty bad by Christopher Knight, and there was quite a lot of anger among property owners, enough to motivate some to go looking in the wood for him. About half way through the summer, someone found one of his ‘nests’ across the other side of the lake, and so together with Greg Oulette, the Camp Director at the time, and another PTC staff member, I took a boat over to the other side of the camp, and met with a property owner on a four-wheeler, who gave us a ride up to the ‘nest’. I remember it was built into the side of a slight gully, you had to be pretty much on top of it to see it, and it could only been seen from the other side of the small gully. We went though it of course, looking for PTC property, and found some empty #10 can’s, which are the large catering size cans we used at the PTC kitchen. Other items were also identifiable as coming from PTC, but were either so worn out or ruined, no one wanted to lug them back.

We pulled the ‘nest’ apart, but from what I gather from the news stories, it would have been one of many nests he had in the area. And it certainly appears he was not discouraged from his activities in the area.

So what is next for the North Pond Hermit, well other hermits have gone on to be Popes and leaders, by all accounts Christopher Knight would like to remain out of the limelight. I hope this means North Woods Law get’s another season, but more importlantly, I hope Christopher does not go back to his previous way of life.


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