Emlyn Vol 2

Back in the day, Emlyn had been in CID, but they had managed to get him transfered out, probably not due to incometence, but not very far off from that. Emlyn was always one to skirt the borders of incompetence without actually appearing to step foot in the muddy waters. Then some clever manager types had some clever ideas about how to handle minor crime reports, which the force kept getting heaviyl slammed for not investigating. Well CID did not want to bother investigating every bilking or minor assualt, they wanted murders and armed blaggings. So the clever manager types came up with a CID that was not quite a CID, nor was it uniform, but could handle boring everyday things like shoplifters, so the patrol officers could get back on patrol rather then spend the rest of the shift interviewing and processing the shop shifter. And then when CID did get a murder or armed blagging, the could call on this almost-CID for extra personnel, either to help directly or to have them deal with CID’s cases as they took the glory job. So as they set up this new sub-department, with a new supervisor, someone forgot to tell them not to let Emlyn in, and of course he applied, and with his experience in CID, he was a shoe-in. 

So Emlyn is firmlt established in the almost-CID, whcih is where he was when I first came accross him, I was yong in service, not experienced in the world, but I knew there was something wrong with Emlyn. 

Then one day a lorry (tractor trailer) driver stopped off in a lay-by for a cup of coffee and was set upon by some armed robbers. His rig was taken and he was dumped in another lay-by on our patch, where he managed to flag someone down to call the police. Well emlyn wasn’t the first person called to the scene, but he mad eit there at some point in the investigation. The driver was long gone, and Emlyn was told to search for anything relevant at the scene. Why Emln woudl be told to do this I have no idea, the station had an occasionally competent PSU squad who wer PULSAR search trained, just perfect for this job. perhaps they were not avaiable, perhaps they had taken a look at the trash (rubbish) strewn lay-by and held their hads up in horrow. Amyway, Emln rose to the challenge, filling two evidence bags with pieces of trash and garbage from the lay-by, including two half-filled cups of tea. he put them all in two ______ Police approved clear plastic evidence bags, sealed them with ______ Police offical seals, made a not of the seal numbers for his report, and transported them to _______ Maidstone Police Station. Even if Emltn had the best police Defensive Driving skills in the force, which he was sadly lacking, he could not have prevented the bags from moving around, the half-full tea cups from spilling over, making most fo the contents of the bags into a foul smelling mush of discarded cigarette butts, old candy wrappers and dirt.

So proud of his bags of evidence, Emlyn paraded though the CID office to the supervisors desk, so very proud to be called on to help out CID int heir time of need, he deposited the two bads on the supervisros desk. The supervisor, who had long experience with Emlyn, thanked him, made sure he had entered the bags into evidence, and dismissed Emlyn. Of course once hey had been entered into evidence, the bags could not disspaear, but i understand they were never heard from again.


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