Emlyn Vol 3

So I may have been giving the wrong impression of Emlyn in the previous posts. I want you to understand he has a heart of gold. I am not sure if I mentioned he was Irish, and had previously served in the military, in the MoD Police guarding military installations that housed nuclear weapons. the thought of Emlyn in charge of a gun was perhaps one of the best arguments for not arming every officer in England. but I digress, Emlyn could talk the hind leg off a donkey. One of the things he did for the Force, was to talk a US Police Department into donating all thier old out-of-date vests, and also talking British Airlines into allowing the used vests to come over in boxes for free on a flight as personal baggage of a couple of flight staff. So one day, Emlyn borrows a cruiser, and disspaears for the day, returning with a cruiser full of ballistic vests.

I managed to get my hands on one, and wore it every shift. Somtimes I did feel a little foolish, being the only one on the section who wore one, but a couple of incidents and closed calls made me glad I had it. One thing I noticed while wearing it was that those everyday bruises or cuts, that you just cannot recall how you go tthem, they stopped happening. I felt more free to get involved in physical confrontaitons, which was probably a bad thing, but looking back, it seems crazy now that all we were issued whenI joined up was a wooden truncheon, a pair of handcuffs and a radio. by the time I left we had utility belta, CS Spary, ASP expandable batons, and best of all, rigid handcuffs.


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