You know how somtimes, in some workplaces or schools, you get a lot of people with the same name, such as two or three people called ‘Mike”, so you need to come up with some other way of differnatiating them, Usually this is pretty harmless, although it can go awry on occasion, it usually just involves adding the last initial. Well back in my old section in _____ County Constabulary, there was at least two Dave’s. One of them was old and popular, Dave the ___, and the other was known as Dave Underpants, His real last name was Under_____, and the change to Underpants was not a meaningless moniker, but rather referred to an incident that had quickly passed into seciton legend.

Dave Underpants was once on the _____ County Constabulary Dive Team. Which meant lots of training, and lots of special equipment, which was hauled around in a small caravan which doubled as a changing room for the team. Well during one training exercise, the exact location and purpose is unfortunatly lost to time, Dave Underpants was changing in the caravan, when some emergency arose outside, which nessesitated Dave exiting the caravan in a rather rapd manner, while only wearing a pair of briefs, which unfortunatly became caught on the doorknob, and as he exited the caravan, rather than break and leave him in his birthday suit, the material held, leaving him swinging with the caravan door, rather than rushing to the aid of his comrades. But it did leave his colleagues with a handy way to differentiate between the Dave’s.


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Father of four, husband of one, Ex-pat ex cop Englishman living in rural Maine
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