Emlyn Vol 4

Hopefully you the reader have read the previous Emlyn volumes, and are familiar with Emlyn’s character, because this episode from the annals of Emlyn lore is completely in character for him, but did lead to a rift between us. It took place in the town of _________ in the county of Kent, when we were both patrol officer, and where I had the unfortunate luck of being crewed up with Emlyn for a period, of which this became the end.
It was a day-shift, summer time, perhaps even a Saturday I think. We were in ___22, the town car, and as such were tasked when a shop-shifter (shop-lifter) came in. Well this fine day one of the more savvy store security blokes managed to detain a handful of little urchins who had been thieving from his store. He had managed to catch red-handed a nine-year old, two ten year old’s, two eleven year old’a and a twelve year old, all caught red-handed purloining nick-nacks from their store.
Well I guess old Emlyn must have been really hurting for numbers that month, because no sooner had store security finished relating what had happened, than Emlyn weighed in and told all five kids the were arrested. Before he could start putting them in handcuffs or anything like that, I asked Emlyn if we could have a private word outside. We stepped outside the room, where I proceeded to point out to Emlyn that at that time in the UK the age of criminal consent was twelve, so he had just arrested four kids who in the eyes of the law, did not have sufficient maturity to form the required intent to steal. And on top of that, we couldn’t pin it all on the one twelve year old, and there was no-way we were going to be able to hand this mess over to CID, we would be the ones left trying to find five sets of parents to come to the station. Emlyn took this all in his stride, and accepted my proposal that we convince store security not to prosecute due to the age of the kids, and left them go, with the understanding we would have a little chat with each kids parents.
This group of little darlings has accumulated quite a haul of stuff, which security pointed out did not all come from their store. So after obtaining the relevant statement to the effect that they did not want a prosecution in this case due to the ages of the kids, I also had to spend quite some time later on finding out who else they stole from, returning their property to them and obtaining the same statements from the store managers.
In the meantime, we had five little kids to take home, and speak to their parents, none of whom appeared wholly surprised as to how their son’s chose to spend their Saturday morning, as I am sure it was not the first time, and most of the parents, who lived in council estates, were no stranger to shop-shifting themselves. All told this effort to keep the kids out of the cells had taken us most of the morning, it was now time for refreshments. Most of the section was already at lunch in the cafeteria when I made it in with my sandwiches, and someone asked a question about how my morning with Emlyn had been going. By that time I was a little frustrated with him, having spent all morning cleaning up what I considered to be his mess. So I pulled no punches in telling everyone how Emlyn had arrested five kids below the age of criminal consent, then went off to brew a cup of tea to go with my lunch. Part way through this Emlyn came into the kitchen all bristled up and accusing me of speaking out-of-turn about what happened. Apparently I was meant to keep it between us gentlemen, that he had arrested a bunch of underage kids, and was really quite annoyed about the damage his reputation might suffer. By this point I had really had enough with him, and just ignored him, and went to finish my lunch. Soon after that shift the assignments changed, and what a surprise, I was crewed up with someone else.


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