Susan the Lucky Charm

So on this side of the pond, when I was a Police Officer in the small rural town of Monmouth , one night in 20__ I got called to provide a taxi service for a vulnerable person who needed to get back home following some sort of domestic issue  a couple of towns over. So dutifully off I went and met up with an Androscoggin County Deputy who had the person in the back, who for the purposes of this story we shall call “Susan”.

After the transfer I asked Susan what happened, and Susan explained that after picking up a man in a bar, they were driving home when an argument started, which resulted in Susan being kicked out of the car, in the middle of no-where. Well I guess that bar must have been badly lit, or else the guy was, because Susan was about my height, 6″2; with a similar build except she had kept her excess weight high on her chest whereas mine was around my waist, and Susan still relatively new to walking on high heels. If I were to hazard a guess, I would suspect the guy made a discovery about Susan that he was not quite ready to deal with, and so threw Susan out of the car in the middle of no-where.

Anyway we were talking pleasantly, when up ahead I saw an SUV reversing down the middle of the road, then stop and take a side road they must have originally missed. Now that could happen to anyone, get a little lost, but at midnight on Friday/Saturday nights, that is most definitely game on. So despite having Susan in the cruiser, I pulled the SUV over, and called it in, and was just walking up to speak to the female driver, when it came back over the air as 10-24, stolen. So hoping the driver hadn’t heard before they wound their window down, I played it cool. I ran through the usual, “Do you know why I have stopped you?” Asking for registration, insurance and inspection, then asked for another unit, and had the female drive step out of the SUV. So then things got even more interesting, I put the female in the back of my cruiser, and got the male out of the SUV, who turned out to have a warrant out for his arrest for the theft of it!

It quickly became obvious this was not the first time being arrested for either of them, and the male passenger took it all in his stride. The theft had something to do with altering the registration of the vehicle, so I took a quick peek at the registration document, which was all nicely printed except for the name of the vehicle owner, which looked like it had been written in with a kids felt tip pen.

So I put him into the other cruiser as it arrived. Called for a wrecker and got back into my cruiser, I asked the woman in the back for her details, since she didn’t have her drivers license as it turned out. As she told me her name,  Susan, who is now in the front sitting next to me. suddenly pipes up, “That’s not your real name, it’s __________.” So I run that name, and there is a warrant out for her too! She admits to her real name, and it’s off to jail we go. Unfortunately I had to let another unit take Susan home, since I had two sets of paperwork to deal with and a trip to the jail. So Susan left without me being able to first offer her thanks for her assistance, and secondly being a real lady when getting in and out of the cruiser.

Of course everyone else was familiar with Susan, and right up to the point I stopped the stolen SUV, everyone else was having a bit of a laugh at my expense, so I made the point of meeting up with the Androscoggin Deputy the next night, and he was filling in his rider and chuckling about it when I met him, until I filled him in on how useful Susan had been, like a good-luck charm! If I had not been tasked with taking her home, it is unlikely I would have been on that particular stretch of road at the right time, and if Susan had not been in the cruiser with me, I may not have got the correct details of the driver so quickly.


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